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I am working on a project that involves auto-generating documents (via latex). The person creating these documents is working on a windows machine (he was working with Microsoft word but now he is editing them in notepad). Anyways, I noticed that sometimes after he edits the documents, the whole generation process fails because of Python UnicodeEncodeError.

I tracked down the problem to sets of quotes and apostraphes he has is adding to the document. I have read a lot about this error, but I am not sure what the best way to solve this problem is in python.

It is a Django App, so I tried using force_unicode, smart_str, etc. from django.utils.encode, but this did not work. I have no clue why the characters he is adding are different then characters I am adding on the different operating system.

Can someone please

  1. explain what is going on
  2. suggestion the best solution to the problem
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Post some sourcecode - you haven't provided enough technical details. What generates the UnicodeEncodeError? How does the windows edited doc get processed? –  Nick Craig-Wood Nov 7 '11 at 18:20

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There is an excellent chance that the problematic quotes are using the nonstandard Windows-1252 codepoint assignments. Try changing all instances of "latin1" and/or "iso-8859-1" in your django app to "windows-1252".

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It's impossible to solve this problem without seeing some code. But in my experience, nine times out of ten unicode errors in Django are caused by a __unicode__ method that doesn't actually don't return Unicode.

For example:

def __unicode__(self):
   return 'foo %s' % self.bar

Because the string is a bytestring, not a unicode, this will break horribly whenever the bar field contains text from outside ASCII. It should be:

   return u'foo %s' % self.bar
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