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I'm trying to create a JDO persisted class, that contains a List of enums, that implement a specific interface. Here is the code:

public interface Column {


public enum ColumnType1 implements Column {
    VALUE11, VALUE12

public enum ColumnType2 implements Column {
    VALUE21, VALUE22

And this is the persisted class:

@PersistenceCapable(detachable = "true")
public class ListTable implements Serializable {

    @Persistent(valueStrategy = IdGeneratorStrategy.UUIDHEX)
    @Column(jdbcType = "VARCHAR", length = 32)
    private String encodedKey;

    // the list of columns that can be displayed in the table
    @Persistent(defaultFetchGroup = "true", nullValue = NullValue.EXCEPTION)
    private List<Column> columns;

    // constructor and getters ...

The problem is that I'm getting this error:

javax.jdo.JDOUserException: The MetaData for the element class "com.example.shared.model.Column" of the collection field "com.example.shared.model.ListTable.columns" was not found.
at org.datanucleus.jdo.NucleusJDOHelper.getJDOExceptionForNucleusException(
at org.datanucleus.jdo.JDOPersistenceManager.jdoMakePersistent(
at org.datanucleus.jdo.JDOPersistenceManager.makePersistent(

when I'm trying to persist a ListTable. Do you have any suggestions of what can I do to be able to persist a List of enumerations, that implement a specific interface?

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"Second-Class Object" (SCO) implementation of an interface is not a JDO persistable type (see the JDO spec). Interfaces are for persistable types (FCOs)

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So, the above scenario can't be reproduced in practice, using JDO? Or do you have any suggestions of how to do it in another way? –  Ciprian Nov 7 '11 at 19:20

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