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Trying to use Term::ANSIMenu to build a nice menu.

The doc says items() expects an array of arrays:


Type: array of arrays
Constraints: [[<keyname>, <string>, <code_ref>], ...]
Default: []

So this works fine:

my $menu = Term::ANSIMenu->new(
    items  => [['1', 'First menu item', \&exec_item],
               ['2', 'And so on', \&exec_item],
              ]) ;

What I need to do is feed items() with strings in an existing array (that gets dynamically created by my program - it may contain any number of strings).


@array = ('menu choice one', 'menu choice two', 'menu choice three') ;

I'm struggling to create an "array of arrays" that I can then pass to items().

Any takers?

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You need to pass reference to array

Should looks like:

@array = (['1', 'First menu item', \&exec_item]); 
push @array, ['2', 'And so on', \&exec_item];

my $menu = Term::ANSIMenu->new(items => \@array);
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my @menu_items = () ; my @tmp = (); my $counter = 1 ; foreach my $item (@available_choices) { @tmp = ( "$counter", "$item", '\&process_item()' ) ; push @menu_items, [ @tmp ] ; $counter++ ; } my $menu = Term::ANSIMenu->new(width => 40, title => 'Choose your fate or die!', items => \@menu_items, prompt => 'Selection:> '); $menu->print_menu(); Above results in "Invalid value for items: ARRAY(0x9110f0c)" – Norma Stitz Nov 7 '11 at 19:25
@NormaStitz I think you just misunderstood Term::ANSIMenu documentation: third element in each item array should be coderef associated with that button or nothing. Here's example of working code for your case: – yko Nov 7 '11 at 19:37
Thanks for pushing this further. You're right that eliminating the third element make print_menu() work, but I actually do want/need to associate a coderef; basically a function to process the user's selection. No matter how I try formatting things, though, as soon as I add a 3rd element I get the "invalid value" error. – Norma Stitz Nov 7 '11 at 20:26
In your snippet you are trying to pass just a string instead of coderef. To do this right way, you need to define subroutine and pass it's name as third element like '\&handle_menu_item` for example. I updated my gist, please see link above – yko Nov 7 '11 at 20:31
Yay!! Thank you! Removing the quotes fixed my code. THANK YOU! – Norma Stitz Nov 7 '11 at 20:41

Use \@ to reference an existing array:

my @multiDimensionalArray = (\@preexistingArray1, \@preexistingArray2, ...);


my $multiDimensionalArrayRef = [\@preexistingArray1, 
                  \@preexistingArray2, ...]; # square brackets for array ref!

so then for items:

items => \@multiDimensionalArray


items => $multiDimensionalArrayRef
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