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I would like to write a simple app which can manage the default SMS notification by assigning a specific sound to a specific user. In my intention this app would only do this (so it's not a complete replacement of SMS app) and let the user handle sms with the default SMS App.

So it simply turns into the ability to override programmatically the sms notification sound when one is received. The notification sound are stored on the SD card. I tried couple ways to obtain this but until now no success:

Using RingtoneManager.setActualDefaultRingtoneUri() inserting tone into ContentResolver leads me to some annoying issues. First when added to database, the new ringtone appears in the sound list and second, once the notification is overridden using RingtoneManager.setActualDefaultRingtoneUri(), I'm not able to roll back to the default notification sound and in particular I don't know WHEN doing it!

Creating a Notification object and using PreferenceManager class but facing similar problems as written above (WHERE override the sound and WHEN doing it).

Thank you all in advance.

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I cannot think of any reason (besides malware) to disable expected functionality in an different app than your own... (Besides, I'd say it's just plain not possible. SMS apps store message tones themselves, not in the Android settings) –  Izkata Nov 7 '11 at 19:48
I started building this app because i wanted a way to assign custom SMS ringtone to contacts only! Many third-part SMS apps let you do this but i want non a complete replacement. I want the user can use the default SMS app –  on35 Nov 7 '11 at 20:03

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