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I know there have been a lot of submissions about routing error, but even after going through many of those and looking at routing guide, I am not able to figure out my issue.

I have created a Ajax submission of form like -

$('#user_time_zone').live('change', function() {    

However, on the event, I am getting the Routing Error

No route matches '/user/time_zone'

My routes as such shows

user_time_zone POST   /user/time_zone(.:format)           {:controller=>"user", :action=>"time_zone"}

In routes file I have entry like -

match 'user/time_zone' => 'user#time_zone', :via => [:post]

What might I be doing wrong.

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Maybe you send a form with method GET
There is hidden field in form _method=put

Can you post request log from development.log and view with form?

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In fact there is a hidden field in form _method=put. That is generated by Rails code. I have declared form as - form_for(@user, :url => user_time_zone_path, :method => :post, :remote => true) do |f| . How do I remove that. Maybe I am doing something wrong here. The generated form has a CSS class edit_user . I am using Devise as well, so that is also adding some /user/* type routes. – Sam Wilder Nov 8 '11 at 9:16
Update: I have changed the HTTP method to PUT in routes via match 'user/time_zone' => 'user#time_zone', :via => [:put] and it seems to work. Thanks – Sam Wilder Nov 8 '11 at 9:28
I have no idea why manually putting the hidden div worked for me. Perhaps ajax loading a form builder partial messes things up. Thanks for the tip. – Mike A Oct 24 '12 at 18:55

Try running

rake routes 

and see all your routes are captured,

and if you could paste your routes, we might be able to help you

thanks and regards


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Not able to post complete routes file, due to length, but have given teh relevant route taken from rake routes in original mail. I am using devise though is also adding some /user/* type routes, but they are below this route spec – Sam Wilder Nov 8 '11 at 9:18

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