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I created my own build.xml which has:

<target name="compile">
    <mkdir dir="build"/> 
    <javac destdir="build"> 
        <src path="src"/> 

<target name="build" depends="compile">
    <mkdir dir="dist"/>
    <jar destfile="dist/app.jar" basedir="build" />

<target name="run" depends="compile">
    <java classname="webserver.Loader" classpath="build" fork="true" />      

It works great. When I call ant run so it compiles and runs my application, but my application has a package with icons and it isn't moved to a folder "build" so my application ends with an exception that it couldn't locate my icons. When I move them by myself then it works.

I tried to use

<copy todir="build/app/icons">
    <fileset dir="src/app/icons"/>

It works, but I would like to do it without the copy command. Is there any parameter to javac? Or something else?

Thank you for answer.

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Sorry, you will need to copy non-java files manually. Resources are technically not "source". The command-line javac will not copy resource files from your source directory to the output directory, neither will ant's javac task.

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It seems that hooking into the eclipse java compiler through ant will auto-copy non java files to the output directory. When I switched over to using javac ant tasks instead, I had to do what Chris Winters suggested. – Justin Skiles Mar 27 '14 at 18:11
Since writing this answer I have changed over to almost exclusively using Maven for java projects. There is a decently steep learning curve vs. Ant, but very much worth it. – Mike Miller Sep 9 '14 at 18:40

There is no such parameter. You can copy all sorts of files between your directories with:

<copy todir="build">
    <fileset dir="src"
             includes="**/*.xml,**/*.properties,**/*.txt,**/*.ico" />
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more simple: exclude="*/.java" instead of include – Arne Burmeister Apr 29 '09 at 20:44
Just what I wanted! (toying with whether to do includes or exclude java, or dont exclude anything to ship the source with the jar, great for debug.) – david van brink Jul 2 '11 at 2:44
Not exclude but excludes: <fileset dir="src" excludes="*/.java"/> – chrise Jan 2 '13 at 11:41
Actually this solution copies all the structure even if it is empty. – Nuno Furtado Oct 22 '13 at 10:57
Comment formatting is removing some stars. You want <fileset dir="src" excludes="**/*.java"/> – jeff303 Feb 5 '15 at 22:25

You can do this using the fileset element of the jar task instead of manually copying the files. For example:

<jar destfile="dist/app.jar" basedir="build">
    <fileset dir="src" includes="app/icons/**" />

This will copy everything in src/app/icons/ to the app/icons path in your .jar file.

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No, there isn't. The copy task is the correct way to copy resources into your build folders.

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