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I have a list of keywords that I need to ensure are not present in a string. This string could be either plain text or plain text with svn or git repository syntax in it such as a patch. How exactly would you implement this search in the python/django environment; regex, loop, grep? I'd ideally also like to get the line where it happens to I can display it to user.

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Can you provide a sample of how your text file is structured? – Ole Nov 7 '11 at 20:22
It's basically c++ code with svn tags so headers and footers have things such as +++++++++++ – user391986 Nov 9 '11 at 19:42
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Here you are:

import re

BAD_WORDS = ["spam", "ham"]
BAD_WORDS_RE = re.compile(r"\b(%s)\b" % "|".join(BAD_WORDS))

for i, line in enumerate(open("file.txt").readlines()):
    words = set(BAD_WORDS_RE.findall(line))
    if words:
        print "Found the following words on line %i: %s" % (i + 1, ", ".join(words))
        print line
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txt = open('the_file.txt', 'r').read()
for keyword in ['foo', 'bar']:
    if keyword in txt:
        # Do something for when the keyword is found
        print 'Matched keyword %s' % keyword
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