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I am wanting to put my iPhone app on a test device. I read somewhere where I need a developer certificate. Do I need to be in a paid developer program to create a developer certificate and provisioning profile?

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Yes, you need to be a paid developer. Basically is a two-step process:

  1. Create your Apple developer account and join the iOS Developer Program. It will cost you $99/year and it allows you to test your apps on a device and distribute your apps in the app store. You can go here to register.

  2. Follow these steps in order to provision your test device

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Yes. You need to sign up with the developer program to debug on devices and deploy to test devices.

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You must first sign up to be an offical developer here: iOS Developer Program

Then you must register devices via the provisioning portal: iOS Provisioning Portal

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@simm0t is correct, you do need a paid IOS developer account. You can get one of those on developer.apple.com.

Also, if you simply cannot go through that process for whatever reason you can develop your app with a dummy certificate/provisioning (you can find these online) and upload to a jailbroken device, then install your app with Installous. While I was a student and couldn't afford a paid IOS dev account this is how I was able to learn to make iPhone apps and test them on my iPod touch.

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