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I want to implement a way to version models in a ruby on rails app. (version 3.1+). What I am after is much like what mediawiki does; making it easy to diff the changes made, showing what changed and who changed it. Also, I would like to be able to store associated models (imagine comments on a blogpost). However, this last feature is a should-have, not a dealbreaker.

I should also be able to revert to older version of the model's data, not losing the versions that came after it.

I already ran into PaperTrail:

Are there (better) alternatives? I am also not sure if paper trail allows for diffs.

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Why not take a look at the Ruby Toolbox / Versioning

In my opinion the only options are:

  • Paper Trail
  • Vestal versions

all other are rather inactive.

As for diffing: Paper Trail can definitely do diffing of versions see and look for 'Diffing Versions'

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Thanks, I watched this railscast: , along with you pointing out the 'diffing versions' (which I neglected to see), this is just the answer I was looking for. – Mosselman Nov 7 '11 at 21:14

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