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I have a Bitmap object on which I want to draw some text. This text is supposed to be aligned right for a given point. This is how I do it right now:

newBitmap = Image.FromFile(bg) as Bitmap;
Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(newBitmap);
var cvt = new FontConverter();

String temp = "ddddd"

ftemp = cvt.ConvertFromString("Times New Roman; 12pt") as Font;
SizeF p2Size = TextRenderer.MeasureText(temp, ftemp);
p2Nick = new PointF(PosX - p2Size.Width, PosY);

g.DrawString(temp, ftemp, new SolidBrush(myColor), p2Nick);

The problem is the more text I enter for temp the bigger the distance from the right side gets.

enter image description here

Maybe someone can point out my mistake. Of course I simplified a lot but this is pretty much what happens.

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What is the value of PosX? –  SeriousSamP Nov 7 '11 at 20:54

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You may have better luck using the same library to measure the string with that you're drawing with:


SizeF p2Size = g.MeasureString(temp, ftemp);

Also, the system's DPI text settings will affect the result, you can account for this by taking into account: Graphics.DpiX.

Finally, I think there is a setting TextFormatFlags.NoPadding that could help, but you'll be using StringFormat object instead if you switch to Graphics.MeasureString().

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Ahhhh, I love it... I was looking at my code for hours and couldn't find my mistake. Just went out for a few minutes came back and realized that I was doing some skewing after calculating the new position but I wasn't adjusting the new resolution to the calculated point.

I'm really sorry for asking this question -.-

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