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Hmmm I don't know how to clearly state the title. hopefully the following explanation will be better.

I have a schema like that:

company = new Schema {
  name: String,
  contact: {}

For example:

  contact: {
      phone1: '1-800-123-1234',
      url: ''

When I do a find (or findOne), I can do this..{name:'cnn'});

What if I want to search for the value in the 'contact'?

e.g. search for record with url=''

or to find out which records has the key "url" in 'contact'

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To search for a sub-key, you just give the path to the key delimited by periods.{"contact.url": ""})

To find out which records have a contact URL:{"contact.url": {$ne: null}})

Note that these queries will be full collection scans unless you create an index for the subkey queried. Use judiciously.

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Aaah.. No wonder. I use contact.url but without the quote. and i have tried contact:{url:''} .. ah.. no wonder.. thanks . :) – murvinlai Nov 7 '11 at 20:53

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