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We have an Oracle type that's declared as such:

CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE its_accountarray;

There is no base type. This type is then used in Procedures and packages (and in Java Stored procedures as an array descriptor). In the procedure/package it uses extend function to add to array.

<declare section>
    v_account latax.ITS_ACCOUNTARRAY := new ITS_accountArray();

and in Java, it's used as: oracle.sql.ARRAY ls_accountARRAY, ls_periodARRAY;

oracle.sql.ArrayDescriptor ad =   ArrayDescriptor.createDescriptor(**"ITS_ACCOUNTARRAY"**, oconn);

ls_accountARRAY = new ARRAY(ad, oconn, arg_accounts);
ocs.setARRAY(2, ls_accountARRAY);

I am curious as to how this works. Even though the name has Array in it, it is not defined as an array or table type, like I typically see. It works, but is this a legal usage or should I declare the type to be of some array type explicitly?



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Update: I just want to correct this for anyone stumbling on this question: This turned out to be just a display problem in the Sqltools version I was using. When I edited the type, it was actually displaying the source partially as CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE its_accountarray That's what got me. The body portion "AS TABLE OF..." was not displayed; apparently it put a lot of spaces in between, that body didn't show in view. As I mentioned below, SQL*Plus did show correctly. New version of the tool does better, still with lot of spaces embedded, but at least within the view. – SamV Sep 18 at 19:19

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I tried to reproduce what you say is happening, and got an error:

CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE its_accountarray;

  v its_accountarray := its_accountarray();

PLS-00311: the declaration of "ITS_ACCOUNTARRAY" is incomplete or malformed

So, you're probably looking at the wrong type definition (e.g. you're looking at it in the wrong schema), or not looking at the entire type definition (e.g. there is a TYPE BODY that provides the implementation). Since this seems to be acting like a nested table type, the former sounds more likely.

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Hi Dave, Thanks for responding so quickly. – SamV Nov 7 '11 at 21:14
Hi Dave, I think I pressed ENTER too quick last time. You are right!! That declaration was incorrect. I am wondering if it's a bug in the tool I was using (SqlTools 1.5). When I opened the type in SQLTools, it only showed that portion and it did not have a body! That's why I was so confused. I just tried Describe ITS_ACCOUNTARRAY in sqlplus it shows as expected: SQL> describe ITS_ACCOUNTARRAY ITS_ACCOUNTARRAY TABLE OF VARCHAR2(24) I've been using SQLTools for a few years and this is the first time, it really got me. Thanks a lot again. Sam – SamV Nov 7 '11 at 21:33

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