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I need to build a sorter class for a List.

I would like the sort rule or priority to be:

SFC = 1 SSG = 2 SGT = 3 CPL = 4 SPC = 5 ETC...

So when I sort I will get these in the correct order by rank first then by lastname.

List<Person> person = new List<Person>(); 


Please lead me to an article or instruction. Thanks

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This is enum SFC = 1 SSG = 2 SGT = 3 CPL = 4 SPC = 5 ETC...? – sll Nov 7 '11 at 21:32
Not sure if this will make a difference but I am populating the person.Rank from a datasource so it is a String type, should have mentioned this sorry – Zippy Nov 7 '11 at 22:17
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public enum Rank
    SFC = 1, SSG, SGT

public class Person
    public Rank Rank { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }

static void Main(string[] args)
    var persons = new List<Person>
        new Person{ Name = "Aaaa", Rank = Rank.SFC },
        new Person{ Name = "Bbbb", Rank = Rank.SFC },
        new Person{ Name = "Aaaa", Rank = Rank.SSG }

    foreach (var person in persons.OrderBy(p => p.Rank).ThenBy(p => p.Name))
        Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", person.Rank, person.Name);


SFC Aaaa
SFC Bbbb
SSG Aaaa
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Could you use LINQ?

person.OrderBy(p => p.Rank).ThenBy(p => p.LastName)

or using the query syntax with the orderby clause:

from p in person
orderby p.Rank, p.LastName
select p
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var ordered = person.OrderBy(p => p.Rank)
                    .ThenBy(p => p.LastName)
                    .ThenBy(p => p.FirstName);

Note that this does NOT modify person. It merely produces an iterator that when iterated over yields the results of person returned in the specified ordering. If you want to modify the list you'll have to take a slightly different approach (note that it's not enough to say person = ordered.ToList(); as that actually creates a new instance of List<Person>.

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using linq

var list = from xx in person
order by xx.Rank, xx.LastName
select xx

it will sort by rank and last name

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try this....

 var result = from m in person
             orderby m.Rank, m.LastName
             select m;

or you can try this....

 var result = person.OrderBy(m=> m.Rank) 
                .ThenBy(m => m.LastName) 
                .ThenBy(m => m.FirstName); 
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Your class Person should inherit from the interface Icomparable. Doing so you'll have to implement the compareto() method. Then you can use the sort method of the List.

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