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I've written an application that will transcode and manipulate media files using Microsoft Media Foundation, but now I've got to make the same application concatenate/join media files together.

Is there any existing documentation on doing something like this? Any pointers/hints? Any existing code that does this?

If not, I figure I've got to write or find a custom media source-something like a ConcatenatingMediaSource(a source that wraps the series of sources it's concatenating together), but I'm unsure if this is the best course to accomplish this.

EDIT: It seems the relevant event I need to be concerned with are MEEndOfPresentation-this indicates that a source(or perhaps one of my embedded sources) has reached the end of all it's streams.

MSDN docs state that if a wrapped source fires this event, I have the ability set a new PresentationDescriptor on my Source. Perhaps I could just return the next embedded source's PresentationDescriptor?

Right now I'm held up on how to actually listen to an individual source's events. How to do this isn't exactly clear (at least to someone who mostly writes code for the JVM).

EDIT: I think I want to use a SequenceSource; it's part of the API but seems fairly undocumented.

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