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I have my build set-up so that I pass in my variable via the command line:

mvn clean install -DsomeVariable=data

In my pom I have:


This works fine, but I would like to identify if someVariable is not specified on the command line, and then default it so that my script can continue.

Can this be done in Maven?

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You can specify default property value in the properties section of your POM file:


If you want to make sure that the property value is ALWAYS supplied on a command line, then you can use maven-enforcer-plugin.

Here is a link that shows how to enforce system property presence -> http://maven.apache.org/enforcer/enforcer-rules/requireProperty.html

I'll just copy the XML verbatim here in case the above link goes bad.

                  <message>You must have a basedir!</message>
                  <regexMessage>You must have a digit in your baseDir!</regexMessage>
                  <message>"Project version must be specified."</message>
                  <regexMessage>"Project version must end in a number or -SNAPSHOT."</regexMessage>
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Thank-you for the insightful response Alex. Though I am looking to default the property rather than enforce it. So if it is not specified then the script would use the default value. –  TERACytE Nov 7 '11 at 22:53
@TERACytE. Yes, a value in properties section is a default, and you can always overwrite it from command line. –  Alexander Pogrebnyak Nov 8 '11 at 3:41
Thank-you for your response. –  TERACytE Nov 8 '11 at 23:42
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You can use profiles instead, but you'll need a profile for each variable.

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You specify the default value as


When you run maven command, you override that value as

mvn clean package -DsomeTag=newSpecificValue
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