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I'm working on a small project (Grails) and I am trying to use this import statement:

<%=packageName ? "import ${packageName}.${className}" : ''%>

but as it seems every time I put this into one of my Groovy classes I get the following error:

Groovy:unexpected token: < @ line 1, column 1.

Does anyone know why this occurs? Also this is a small snippet of the code:

<%=packageName ? "import ${packageName}.${className}" : ''%> 

import groovy.lang.Script

class ${className}Controller {

def index = { redirect(action:list,params:params) }
def allowedMethods = [delete:'POST', save:'POST', update:'POST']
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That looks like a template file. They are found in src/templates and are used to generate actual controllers with grails generate-controller or grails create-controller. The actual application controllers in grails-app/controllers shouldn't have embedded expressions like <%=packageName ? "import ${packageName}.${className}" : ''%> or ${className}.

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