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I am running a join on two tables, but I am having some trouble.

Tables of interest: 'photo', 'vote', 'week'

I am trying to run a query that pulls up a list of photos, included with it, the total amount of votes for the "week" that is active.

The 'vote' table consists of the following foreign keys: photo_id,week_id,user_id. This allows me to figure out which "week" the vote was placed in. Also, think of week as an entity not a timeframe.. its just a record in the "week" table.

This is what I have so far:

SELECT *, COUNT(*) as `weekly_votes` 
FROM (`photo`) 
JOIN `vote` ON `vote`.`photo_id` = `photo`.`id` 
WHERE `vote`.`week_id` = '6' 
GROUP BY `photo`.`id`

The problem is this will pull up a list of photos that have votes in the votes table for the specified week, but NO photos are returned if no votes have been given that week.

Basically the:

 WHERE `vote`.`week_id` = '6'

needs to only apply to stuff in the join statement, and not prevent it from limiting photos returned. I know at the very least I need to use some sort of OUTER join, but I think the WHERE clause is still going to prevent it from working.

I hope my question makes sense...

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You need an outer join. Because you only want to apply your where condition on the outer join, you need to mention the week_id in the join condition.

LEFT JOIN `vote` ON `vote`.`photo_id` = `photo`.`id` AND `vote`.`week_id` = '6' 
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