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I have an ObservableCollection<Widget> that on NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Add executes context.Widget.InsertOnSubmit(addedWidget).

Before I execute context.SubmitChanges() I need to remove one of the added items as it is no longer needed, however there may still be items in context.GetChangeSet().Inserts that I still want to be inserted.

It it possible to cancel a particular insert/delete without throwing away the DataContext and starting again?

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After calling context.Widget.InsertOnSubmit(addedWidget) you can remove addedWidget from actually being inserted prior to SubmitChanges by using:

context.SubmitChanges(); // the insert simply doesn't happen.

This simply removes the addedWidget from the context it originally was going to add. I would assume if you still have your deletedWidget you could then InsertOnSubmit(deletedWidget) and it won't be deleted.

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