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I'm hunting for a solution that provides IE6 - IE8 support for the following:

background-size: 10em 10em;

This would allow one to have dynamic sizing control over background images.

I'm okay with virtually any solution (HTC, JavaScript, CSS Hacks, etc.).

I do not want to stretch the background image across the entire container. This can already be done with -vendor-background-size (using the cover value) and MS specific filters (IE6-8).

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Dunno if you have found your solution, but this one stackoverflow.com/questions/2991623/… did it all for me. –  darksoulsong Nov 6 '12 at 15:38
Version 2 of CSS3Pie says it adds support for background-size to IE6-8. I haven't tried that specific feature yet, but the rest of CSS3Pie is pretty good, so it's worth a try. –  Spudley Mar 9 '13 at 12:48

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The only solution I can think of and seem to find is just:

background-size: 10em auto;

The auto to maintain the correct aspect ratio. Since the width is the important property of a background image define the width explicitly. The correct format for a background-size property is:

background-image: width height

Personally I would not use this as a scaling method. You should try to aim to be responsive. Loading different images for different resolutions, a very informative and interesting article by Smashing Magazine

This would be a good start.

I hope this resolves your issue.

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