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apc.rfc1867 local & master is set to "off". Can I enable it just at the top of one page?

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Why not just avoid adding the APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS field to that page? –  Michael Mior Nov 8 '11 at 1:47

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According to the documentation on apc.rfc1867, no, you cannot disable this on a per-page or user-script basis, as it is changeable in the PHP_INI_SYSTEM category, which corresponds to: Entry can be set in php.ini or httpd.conf

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You can wrap the .ini setting in an Apache <Files> directive, so it's set for only that one file. If you need multiple files, multiple files directives can be enabled. This can also be done in a .htaccess (or within a <Directory> directive) so it can be made to apply only to certain subdirectories

<Files "enabled_for_just_this_file.php">
  php_value apc.rfc1867 "1"
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