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I couldn't find this question here although it seems simple.

lets say that I want to calculate the percentage of an overall distance when i know the start and end positions ie:

function getPercentage(startpos,endpos,currentpos)
     var distance = endpos-startpos;
     return (currentpos/distance)*100;

easy, but it's very late an coffee's not working what happens if the startpos or the current pos is in the negative axis i.e.

startpos = -734;
endpos = 65;
currentpos = -38;

worth noting that any position could be either in positive or negative axis at any point.

what percentage of the distance is the currentpos at.... Can anyone throw me a bone pleasee it's 1am :-)

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You forgot to translate the current position as well.

function getPercentage(startpos, endpos, currentpos)
     var distance = endpos - startpos;
     var displacement = currentpos - startpos;
     return (displacement / distance) * 100;
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thank you! i can sleep :-) – Alex Nov 8 '11 at 1:34

Easy thing to do is to offset the positions so that startpos becomes zero:

endpos = endpos - startpos;
currentpos = currentpos - startpos;
var perc = currentpos/endpos*100;
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thanks you!!! off to bed – Alex Nov 8 '11 at 1:35

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