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My var_dump is returning this:

array(5) { 
    ["radioinput"]=> string(12) "sidebar-left" 
    ["option1"]=> int(0) 
    ["sometext"]=> string(0) "" 
    ["selectinput"]=> NULL 
    ["sometextarea"]=> string(0) "" 

I'm having problems acting on the "radioinput" array.

If it's "sidebar-left" I want it to echo:

<body class="sidebar-left">

If it's "sidebar-right" I want it to echo:

<body class="sidebar-left">

If it's "two-sidebars" I want it to echo:

<body class="two-sidebars">

If it's blank I want it to echo:

<body class="sidebar-left">

My questions is, how can I get my code to do this?

if (radioinput('sidebar-left')) { 
    echo '<body class="sidebar-left">';
} elseif (radioinput('sidebar-right')) {
    echo '<body class="sidebar-right">';
} elseif (radioinput('two-sidebars')) {
    echo '<body class="two-sidebars">';
} else {
    echo '<body class="sidebar-left">';
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$x["radioinput"] is not an array. It is a string. It says so right there in the dump. And you didn't tell us what $x really is. What's wrong with basic == conditionals? – PreferenceBean Nov 8 '11 at 1:07
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The way you are addressing your array isn't correct. I am assuming that the array is going to be called $data.

or replace $data with whatever you had on var_dump(...)

Then, you code would look like:

if ($data['radioinput'] == "sidebar-left"){
   echo '<body class="sidebar-left">';
}elseif ($data['radioinput'] == "sidebar-right"){
   echo '<body class="sidebar-right">';

Edit: You can even simplify that down to:

if ($data['radioinput'] == "sidebar-right"){
   echo '<body class="sidebar-right">';
    echo '<body class="sidebar-left">';

Cheers :)

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$class = $array['radioinput'] == 'sidebar-right' ? 'right' : 'left';
printf('<body class="sidebar-%s">', $class);
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Change this:

if (radioinput('sidebar-left')) { 

To this:

// This assumes you named the array as $array, this was not mentioned in OP
if ($array['radioinput'] == 'sidebar-left') { 
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