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I am trying to interact with a website full of images and want to interact with it by clicking on each image. Each image has a relative url (eg: /image/1000/, image/1023/, etc). The number I assume is the image_id and appears to be random, not in consecutive order.

This is what I did in rails console:

agent = Mechanize.new
agent.page.links_with(:href => '/image')

The last line did not return anything but when I tried

agent.page.link_with(:href => '/image/1000/')

It returns the link as expected.

I am pretty sure the problem is in the :href parameter, it should not be '/image'. But i tried other combinations like '/image/' , '/image/* ', etc and it still return nothing.

Appreciate any advice.

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Note: untested

Try: agent.page.links_with(:href => /\/image\/(\d{1,})/). The links_with documentation shows a regexp being used so I assume this will work fine. Also, $1 will return your image_id.


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Note that \d{1,} is the same as \d+ (but uglier) ;) Further, I might suggest using the %r regex literal so that you don't have to escape your slashes: :href => %r{^/image/(\d+)} –  Phrogz Nov 8 '11 at 17:18
Both works! thanks guys –  John Lee Nov 8 '11 at 22:26

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