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I want to know some general communication strategies, which should be followed for a communication via COM (serial) Port.

I can read/write at the port, also can list all the available ports on the machine. I'm using Qt C++ with QSerialDevice. For testing on a windows machine with no physical serial port, I'm using VPSE (virtual port)

Typical Flow (assumed):

  1. List all the available serial ports of the computer.
  2. Find out at which port my device (micro-controller) is connected - how to do it?
  3. Device found.
  4. Start a thread for reading from the port, another thread for writing it.
  5. Safely close connection

Finding out at which port the device is connected sounds challenging to me. How to achieve it? I guess, I will send a HELLO message to each ports, if my device replies a specific per-defined reply message I can be sure my device is connected at that port. Can I?

Also I think, to seperate threads are necessary because at any time I may receive message from the Micro-controller device.

Thanks for helping :)

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We have similar problem. Take a look at my last question "Serial port - how to perform safe search for my device?", maybe i will get answer more quickly. – Kamil Oct 1 '12 at 16:12

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