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I want recommendations on an easy to learn tool or programming language to develop web based applications.

It should provide rapid application development (RAD), be cross platform and able to connect to various databases.

An example could be Ruby, TurboGears etc. Preferably open source.

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Ruby on Rails is open source, very easy to learn, works with lots of databases, and designed from the ground up to let you rapidly build Web applications:


Ruby is the language, and Rails is the framework. The combination is very much RAD.

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I would say that one of the most easy to learn and robust RAD that I have come across is WaveMaker ...

Check it out www.wavemaker.com

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RAD but not Open source :(


Delphi For PHP

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Somewhat related:

Your question is a little too broad. Basically there are lots of platforms out there that are Web-oriented, including PHP, Python/Django, Ruby and even Java or C#/ASP.NET. Each has particularly merits or reasons why you might choose one over the others in certain circumstances.

Personally I recommend PHP as having an extremely low barrier to entry, being cheap to host, easy to run (just install something like XAMPP on Windows and you're good to go) and is highly flexible. But other platforms can work well too.

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You could go with Mono (an open-source *nix version of the .NET development platform; you know, Unix, Linux, etc). Language: C# (very Java-like). There's an IDE: MonoDevelop.


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Not 100% compatible with .NET. – Robin Green Jul 1 '12 at 13:37
Uh, he wasn't asking about .NET compatibility. – Cyberherbalist Jul 1 '12 at 23:32

3 years in PHP, but I wish i studied RubyOnRails instead. 90% of programming is about data validation & database access.

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Try Vaadin It is a java based Web APP dev framework

If You Know The Java Then Probably the best For Web based app Development is Vaadin

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