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Is there any way so that I get the Fxcop errors displayed as compilation errors in Visual Studio build?

P.S - I dont want to integrate Fxcop into an MSBuild script. I just need it to be integrated into VS 2008, and when "Build Solution" is run, it should display the Fxcop errors if any.

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Right-click on the project, choose Properties.

On the Code Analysis tab, choose "Enable Code Analysis on Build".

enter image description here

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as the screenshot shows, you have used VS 2010. can this be done in Vs 2008? I cant see any "Code Analysis" tab in VS 2008. – Sandeep Nov 8 '11 at 6:24
just googled some more on this.. they say Code Analysis is not provided as a feature in VS 2008 Professional Edition, the one which I'm using :( Is there any workaround for this to be achieved in VS 2008 Professional Edition ??? – Sandeep Nov 8 '11 at 6:34

For an edition of Visual Studio that does not include integrated Code Analysis, you have a couple of options. The simplest is to run FxCop as a post-build event, redirecting output to the console:

"$(ProgramFiles)\Microsoft FxCop 10.0\FxCopCmd.exe" /file:"$(TargetPath)" /console

This will add the FxCop warnings and errors to your Visual Studio error list, and allow you to navigate to source code when context information is available for a violation. but that's pretty much it.

If you want support for functionality like adding SuppressMessage attributes from the error list, you'll need a Visual Studio extension of some sort. (That's how the integrated Code Analysis piece works.)

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