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While editing a file I want to use a hotkey to call an External Tool that I have setup to use the "Output" tab. Currently when I use the hotkey the focus leaves the edit pane and goes to the "Output" window - I want the focus to not change from the edit pane.

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Using a Visual Studio macro (inspiration from Stephen Nutt) an acceptable (to me) workaround is:

Public Module RunTestExternalTool
    Sub RunExternalTool1andReturnFocusToEdit()
    End Sub
End Module

This makes an assumption that the user wants to return focus the the ViewCode pane (no matter where they started).

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Try assigning a macro to your hotkey and executing the external tool from the macro. You can create a new macro using the Macro Editor by pressing Alt-F11.

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Unfortunately using a macro to call the external tool still switches focus to the "Output" tab. Thanks for making me aware of Visual Studio macros though. –  Brandon Leiran Apr 30 '09 at 13:08

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