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Im currently using C# to pass some objects to powershell and executing a method on them like this:

    var objs= new PSDataCollection<CustomObj> {obj};

    using (var ps = PowerShell.Create())
        ps.Runspace.SessionStateProxy.SetVariable("objList", objs);
        ps.AddScript(@"$objList| ForEach { $_.Run()}");
        var output = ps.Invoke();

        var stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
        foreach (var obj in output)

        var result = stringBuilder.ToString().Trim();

        //Evaluate result.


Is there a simply way to save my ps object as an script file without doing a lot of writeline? I was thinking something in the lines of:


This would be a great help in a lot of my work with automation, if this is possible in a simple way.:)

Kind regards

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any final solution with full source ? what is {obj} ? thx – Kiquenet May 24 '12 at 10:03
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No there is not. You will have to get the commands ( ps.Commands.Commands) and write to a file as needed.

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