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Is there any service similar to TestFlight for Android that collects all client exception and show them on centralized website grouped by devices?

May there is some framework that allows to collection exceptions on own server?

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ACRA, of course. You can use it with Google Docs, post to your own server, or with Bugsense. You can also have reports by email or any custom mechanism you want.

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TestFlight is now officially supporting Android Apps Now Boarding: Android Apps (currently in closed beta: TestFlight " Beta Testing On The Fly) and it's now open for all, see here.

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Hey, TestFlight supports Android now so I changed your answer. Hope you don't mind. – Tim Büthe Jul 18 '13 at 9:21
Test Flight for Android is discontinued. Quote: "After 3/21/2014 no user will be able to upload any Android builds to TestFlight." – Pavel Feb 20 '14 at 13:21
Feb 2014: Apple acquired Burstly, the owner of TestFlight, and immediately discontinued Android support. Looks like they're cutting way back on the iOS functionality too. Apparently "Progress is a beautiful thing." – ehartwell Feb 22 '14 at 14:39

I tested BugSense with android. Free, simple and nice UI. But I'm afraid you can't use a private server.

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Thanks, you are also right. However I marked Nikolay answer is answer since it includes both options. – Alexey Zakharov Nov 11 '11 at 12:29

We use Zubhium - a service which enables you to distribute betas and collect crash reports and feedback. Works for us. They distribute the betas and also schedule a feedback request email. You can also enable crash reporting / in app feedback

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Check out You can use Launchpad to distribute your APKs in a secure manner. The main focus is doing monitored testing, collect feedback and secure distribution of your apps. You can decide how many times an app can be installed and disable it remotely. (I am one of the developers)

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but it is not free :( You guys charge for this :( – LuminiousAndroid Mar 16 '13 at 17:42

It appears you can actually use the Google Play Store for beta test distribution. I have not personally tried it, I just started looking for alternatives since the announcement of the TestFlight takeover by the Apple overlords.

See this article:

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You can try to use Deploygate. Which is easy for user to install and crash report and a lot of other features. Deploygate

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In addition to the solutions mentioned, HockeyApp also supports crash reporting, grouping by exception type and controlled beta distribution for Android.

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But, I guess it isn't a web service. That si a company will have to setup a server itself. – Ozair Kafray Aug 17 '12 at 7:35
I don't understand your comment. HockeyApp is a web service, you don't need to setup your own servers. Note: I am one of the developers of HockeyApp. – Kerni Aug 19 '12 at 11:54

Apphance is another choice. It costs similar money to LaunchPadApp and BugSense. UI is very good. And I really enjoyed the way it's reporting problems.

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google analytics does that, you can collect all information like exceptions and usablity tracking.

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It seems that Android has build in crash report subsystem:

Acra and BugSense are also worth looking at.

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The buit-in error reports are not particularly useful: they are few and far between, and they lack sufficient context to understand the bug. Most devices are reported as 'OTHER', which is not particularly helpful. Do invest in your own solution. – Nikolay Elenkov Nov 11 '11 at 1:09

TestFlight Beta version is released for android checkout this

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