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I just installed Java EE plugin in plain eclipse and I am trying to add tomcat server. I opened add new server which showing "Choose the type of server to create" but there is no server list. How can I add tomcat server?

Eclipse: Indigo.

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Try this :… – Ken Chan Nov 8 '11 at 7:02

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Do as this:

Windows -> Show View -> Servers . Then in the servers view, right click and add new. It will show a pop up containing many server vendors. Under Apache select Tomcat v7.0 (Depending upon your downloaded server version). And in the run time configuration point it to the Tomcat folder you have downloaded.

Why am I typing !! Have you tried googling it ? You will get many tutorials. You can try this article. It has the info you want !!

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i did and this thread was the only one about my problem. he says the server type list is empty in servers view! you get a minus one from me. – eyurdakul Jun 17 '14 at 9:43

The Java EE version of Eclipse is not installed, insted a standard SDK version is installed.

You can go to Help > Install New Software then select the Eclipse site from the dropdown (Helios, Kepler depending upon your revision). Then select the option that shows Java EE. Restart Eclipse and you should see the Server list, such as Apache, Oracle, IBM etc.

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There are different eclipse plugins available to manage Tomcat server and create war file.

For example you can use tomcatPlugin. It permits to start/stop and build the war simply. You can read this tutorial.

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This is very simple steps involved as you mentioned you have already installed JAVAEE plugin so the first step for you is go to Windows->Show View->Server in add select the AppacheTOMcat and select the tomcat version you have downloaded and set the path and start the server after that.

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