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Currently I am using cPanel's file manager to access my files, NotePad++ to edit them with syntax highlighting, and uploading them back to the server again using cPanel. Am I doing it wrong (I believe I am)? Is there a better way of doing this. I can access my server using FTP.

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Well, you may wish to pick up an FTP client. I've been using Notepad++ and FileZilla (an FTP client) for PHP web development for the past 5 years. Nothing wrong with that. –  BoltClock Nov 8 '11 at 7:17

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I tried nearly every IDE out there and the two I liked best were Aptana Studio http://www.aptana.com and Netbeans http://www.netbeans.org

I ended up sticking with Aptana because I liked the dark backgrounds and I had a slight issue with Netbean's code completion.

Both IDEs are free and will allow you to connect through FTP.

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Emacs has a mode called Tramp which allows you to edit files remotely. It will take care of transferring them to and fro using some protocol. It has ftp support.

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Well on Windows I was using FAR+Colorer+WinSCP (or FTP) plugin for ages exactly for the online editing.
It is not an IDE but just a file explorer(a powerful one)/text editor though.

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You could use Eclipse using the Remote System Explorer for that.

You simply have to create a new project and where Eclipse asks for the project location choose RSE, add your FTP/SMB/SSH/... connection and you're good to go.

There's also a PHP plugin for Eclipse.

If you want to stick to Notepad++, there's also a FTP plugin you might want to use.

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