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i have this infinite while loop in my php script runs every second but i will eventually stop. I've tried change the value or comment out the max execution time from php.ini, or even put a set_time_limit(9999); in my php script and i still stop after a unexpected time, few seconds or a minute! where else can i set this time limit to support infinite looping time?

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Keep in mind, PHP was not designed to run for a long time. You may get unexpected memory leaks. I've had experience with a PHP script running fine for a long time, and then suddenly consume all available memory on the machine, locking up the server. –  Gustav Bertram Nov 8 '11 at 8:57

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Run your script from the command line.

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while (true) {
  set_time_limit(10); // 10 seconds allowed to reach next iteration

Should work just fine? Also check your memory consumption. Enable error logging so you can see if your script stops because of an error…

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Which web server you use? If you run it on remote hosting It may be problem frontend web server such as lighttpd. No solution in this situation.

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