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I have a piece of code

void parallel_func()
#pragma omp parallel
    #pragma omp for collapse(2) schedule(dynamic) nowait
    for(i=0; i<N; i++) {
        for(j=0;j<N;j++) {
            if (i>j) continue; // hack to allow collapse here

    #pragma omp critical

Using a profiler, I noticed that most of the time my code spends... on waiting on OpenMP Join Barrier ... Any idea why? Or how to identify the cause?


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  1. Where is omp parallel? I assume that parallel_func is inside a omp parallel section.

  2. It's unclear since you didn't say which join barrier caused huge overhead. In your code, omp for does have nowait, which means no implicit barrier. You have omp critical. This is literally a critical section, so this will not make barrier operations. (If omp single, then a join barrier is needed unless omp single nowait.

  3. So, the only suspected place of join barrier is from the omp parallel section, which isn't shown in your code. If the end of parallel_func is the end of the omp parallel section, and your omp parallel doesn't have nowait, then the join barrier is from the end of the parallel_func.

  4. Finally, how to identify the cause? It's mostly because of workload imbalance. The amount of work per each thread might be too highly deviated. This will make some threads are wasting their time on the implicit join barrier. Please identify the workload distribution.

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thanks for the answer. I added parallel. I used VTune and I noticed that all threads are idle at the end, so it is weird. I also erased almost all of the code, and I got the same effect. Maybe it is some artifact added by VTune... – Jakub M. Nov 8 '11 at 20:31

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