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I wanted to crate auto templates for classes , class methods , class members in Xcode as like templates generated in visual studio.

Example : if following is method definition then

  • (BOOL) Myfunction:(NSString*) myString { }

in case of visual studio for above method when commenting three times (i.e. ///) will show automatically generated comment with return type as BOOL and function parameter as (NSString*) where we need to give explanation for those . How to achieve same thing in Xcode IDE.Please share your thoughts

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You can try to use Snippet Library

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thanks for reply @sakrist, thing what wanted is to generate auto comment for methods and variables . You can go through this link for more info . stackoverflow.com/questions/6133424/… , i tried this but not yet succeed . –  santosh Nov 9 '11 at 5:35

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