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i use following query to get all data which contains the some words (which is split by a function) in the name column of the inventoryLocalization table.

in the example i have split "red green blue" string. as it should be, it returned all rows like OR operator.

SELECT distinct 
FROM dbo.[inventoryLocalization] inL
JOIN fnSplitString (N'red green blue',' ' ) words ON (inL.name LIKE '%'+ words.item +'%')

My question is, is it possible to get rows which has all words, as in the AND operator.

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select inL.name from dbo.[inventoryLocalization] inL 
where not exists
    (select 1 from fnSplitString(N'red green blue',' ') words 
    where (inL.name NOT LIKE '%'+ words.item +'%'))
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Try something like this:

DECLARE @SomeWords NVARCHAR(200), @Num INT

SET @SomeWords = 'red green blue'

FROM fnSplitString (@SomeWords,' ')

SELECT inL.name
FROM dbo.[inventoryLocalization] inL
JOIN fnSplitString (@SomeWords,' ' )words 
ON (inL.name LIKE '%'+ words.item +'%')
GROUP BY inL.name
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