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I have two tables:


----------  ---------- 
  P10         ANTEL
  P20         BCORP
  P30         CBIZ


------- -------- ---------
  1      P10       160
  2      P10       180
  3      P10       110
  1      P20       190
  2      P20       180
  3      P20       150
  4      P20       240      
  5      P20       195
  1      P30       190
  2      P30       210

I am trying to count the number of services each provider offers and to display the counts for each next to the providers name. So I want my output to be:

---------  --------
 ANTEL        3
 BCORP        5
 CBIZ         2

My attempt:

select provider.p_name, count(distinct service.prov_no)
from provider,service
group by provider.p_name

I have tried a few ways, but I cant seem to separate the counts and make them unique for each p_name.


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select p.p_name, count(*)
from provider p
join service s on p.prov_no = s.prov_no
group by provider.p_name

Change join to left join if you want to include providers with no services.

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You are missing the join condition and you need to drop the distinct:

select provider.p_name, count(*)
from provider,service
where provider.prov_no = service.prov_no
group by provider.p_name
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He also needs a count(*), not a count(distinct prov_no) - otherwise the count will always be returned as 1. –  Mark Bannister Nov 8 '11 at 10:12
@Mark: thanks.. –  codaddict Nov 8 '11 at 10:14

You should have join condition in your query

select provider.p_name, count(distinct service.prov_no) 
from provider join service on provider.prov_no=service.prov_no
group by provider.p_name 
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