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I have a view that make a query to get the main menu:

categories = Category.objects.all()

and this will be on almost all pages. How do I make this more DRY?

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is this for use in your templates? if so you may want to have a look at context processors

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If you want something to be on every page, create context processor. And think about caching.

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There are a few options.

Though you should check first, if your really need a dynamic menu (query for new categories on each page load). At least you should cache the query.

When it comes to DRY:

  1. A dedicated block in your base template {% block menu %}. Then you can put the html in a separate sub-template (extend the base template)
  2. A template tag, that builds your menu (like this: http://djangosnippets.org/snippets/347/ ... though this snippet is fairly old, but it should give you the idea)
  3. a full fledged app (like this: https://github.com/rossp/django-menu)
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