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I was trying to remove the "["or "]" pattern present in a string.

var str = "abc<1<2<>3>4>def";

while (str != (str = str.replace(/<[^<>]*>/g, "")));

using the above code which is removing "<" "<>" ">" pattern when i try to replace this with my operators it does'nt work .

any ways can any one provide me any regex or small one liner to replace all the operator present.

For ex a= [1[2]3][4
should be after removing 1234
a =1[2]3]
should be after removing 123
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var str = "abc[1[2[]3]4]def".replace(/\[|\]/g, "");

Your while condition is not required here as the regex will remove all instances of [ and ] it finds due to the g global parameter.

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OP's while condition removes the enclosing text between the [] or <> (replacing innermost brackets first and outermost brackets last), it does not just remove the brackets. If the <> in that while loop are replaced properly with [] then "abc[1[2[]3]4]def" becomes abcdef and not abc1234def. –  Narendra Yadala Nov 8 '11 at 11:42

What about just

s = "[1[2]3][4"
s = s.replace(/[[\]]/g, "")

gives you the output

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This should work for you

var str = "abc[1[2[]3]4]def";
while (str != (str = str.replace(/\[[^\[\]]*\]/g, ""))); 

str becomes abcdef recursively removing all the enclosed text between []. This would work only if the square brackets are balanced.

You can use this regex if you need to remove all the brackets

var str = str.replace(/]|\[/g, "");
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