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I will have to use lightswitch for a project.

I know that we can create some UserControl, and specify "Custom usercontrol" when selecting the way to display the information.

But, is it possible to create a generic userControl, which can be selected the same way as "Grid" or "List"?

Because I've some usercontrol libraries and I would like to use some user control of it in a generic manner?

(e.g. have my custom usercontrol which display a grid, and still have the possibility to select which column will be displayed without having to create a new usercontrol for each datatype)

Thank you!

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A reference for custom controls is lightswitchhelpwebsite.

You should to know that create a 'specific' custom control is easy but create a generic custom control is quite dificult. Then, it is not possible to write here document, code and samples to make a generic custom control.

Michael Washington (Microsoft) says that their book explains how to do this: Michael Washington's book can help to you.

Another interesting resource is Visual Studio LightSwitch Training Kit Jul.2011

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The best way to do this is to write a Custom Control Extension. You can find out more details on how to do this through the MSDN help page.


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