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I have created some custom tabs for facebook pages, like when the user clicks on the add custom tabs, im fetching the user pages but how can i make them to install the custom tab to the particular page on which he clicks.

li.innerHTML = "Name: <a href='""'>""</a>";

From the above code, i could get only the list of user pages, among them when the user clicks on a particular page (i.e.,page1), it should direct them to their page1 profile by adding the custom tab. How can i make them to install the custom tabs?

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If you have the manage_pages permission from the user, you can add your app to their page via the API - see here:

There's no other way to automate it, and using static links are you're suggesting above is prone to break if the Facebook web interface ever changes.

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im having the manage_pages permission for the users....But how to make the users to make add my custom tab with this link in php.. &access_token=PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN – Sridhar Nov 8 '11 at 16:57

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