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I have two related entities in domain layer(Entity Framework): TaxGroup TaxSubGroup TaxGroup entities belongs to TaxGroup entities(one to many relationship). Where i must imlement this relationship(datamodel or viewmodel)?


What about this datamodel's implementation?

public class TaxGroupDataModel : DataModel
    private readonly TaxGroup _taxGroup;
    private readonly IEnumerable<TaxSubGroup> _taxSubGroups;

    public TaxGroupDataModel(TaxGroup taxGroup)
        if (taxGroup == null) { throw new ArgumentNullException("taxGroup"); }

        _taxGroup = taxGroup;
        _taxSubGroups = taxGroup.SubGroups;

    public IEnumerable<TaxSubGroup> TaxSubGroups { get { return _taxSubGroups; } }

    public TaxGroup TaxGroup { get { return _taxGroup; } }
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I'm afraid ib both:) –  user572559 Nov 8 '11 at 11:00

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Relationships are part of the data, so they should be part of the Model layer

The ViewModel is responsible for exposing data to the View, and for any business logic that would occur such as getting/saving data, running commands, etc

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