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I have a cookie save a token when a user logs into www.example.com and then it redirects them to example.com/desktop or example.com/mobile depending on what device they're using. When they log out of the desktop app I replace the cookie with null and then call remove cookie in GWT and redirect them to www.example.com, but the cookie still exists. Am I doing something wrong here? I haven't worked with cookies much before so I'm a bit new to this.

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Because the cookie was set at another path, you have to use Cookies.removeCookie("cookieName", "/") (/ being the path used in your example) and not Cookies.removeCookie("cookieName").

This is because without a specified path, the path defaults to the one of the current page (see document.cookie).

So, you're trying to remove the cookie at path=/desktop, whereas it's actually at path=/, so the removal fails.
Remember that you could have two cookies with the same name but different paths; so you could have a cookieName at path=/ and a _cookieName at path=/desktop. Removing the cookie at path=/ won't remove the one at path=/desktop, and conversely, removing the one at path=/desktop won't remove the one at path=/. As a side note: when accessing /desktop, the browser would send both cookies, which could have different values.

In brief, because you set your cookie at /, remember to always pass / as the path, everywhere, or you could create a new cookie rather than modifying the existing one, or fail to remove it (which you're experiencing right now).

See also Cookies.removeCookie(String,String)

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Thanks, this clarifies the behavior I was getting. I definitely found that if I removed the cookie from the original path that it was successfully removed. This makes sense now. –  Cory Schulz Nov 12 '11 at 9:53
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In case you also need a non-default domain use

public static native void removeCookie(String name, String path, String domain) /*-{
    $doc.cookie = name + "=" + ((path) ? ";path=" + path : "")
            + ((domain) ? ";domain=" + domain : "")
            + ";expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:01 GMT";
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