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I am using Rails v2.3 for my project. Then I decided to use Rails Enterprise Edition.

So, I installed Rails Enterprise Edition in RVM.

But after that, how to tell my project to use this new installed Rails enterprise edition?

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Do you mean Ruby enterprise edition? –  Thilo Nov 8 '11 at 11:28

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work woth RVM very simple!

You could see list of all installed ruby versions by typing

rvm list

To set one of them as current call:

rvm use ree

If you are using gemsets call this:

rvm use mygemset@ree

After selecting current ruby version you could again check "rvm list". Near current ruby version there will be arrow.

If you would like to use specific version of ruby in special folder, than put file called ".rvmrc" in that directory (I placed this file in each project root) with content:

rvm use mygemset@ree

See more info at official RVM site http://beginrescueend.com/rvm/basics/

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