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How can i change the custom three20 Load More footer in a TTThumbsViewController ?

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TTThumbsViewController is a fancy TTTableViewController which means he is using a TTDataSource. The best way on it is inheriting from TTThumbsViewController and Overriding this message (this is the one that TTThumbsViewController is using) :

- (id<TTTableViewDataSource>)createDataSource {
  return [[[TTThumbsDataSource alloc] initWithPhotoSource:_photoSource delegate:self] autorelease];

Then implement a datasource that inherits from TTThumbsDataSource and override this message like this:

- (Class)tableView:(UITableView*)tableView cellClassForObject:(id)object {
    if ([object isKindOfClass:[TTTableMoreButton class]]) {
        return [YOU_CLASS class];
    } else {
        return [super tableView:tableView cellClassForObject:object];

What happens behind the scenes is that the datasources decides if there are more images to load, if so it adds a TTTableMoreButton item to the list of items needed to be shown. By giving it your own cell class you can completely override the look and feel of that cell.

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