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I am using this code for my rails app with the API of Magento. Everything is fine except for one thing, i need filter the products by arguments of the Magento API but i don't know how :(

Obviously i have tested with more solutions (array, hash, etc), but unsuccessful.

Pd: Sorry, my english is very limited


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I know this is very late, but if anyone else is finding this thread, I've created a magento_api_wrapper gem that implements filters for the Magento SOAP API v2. You can find the code here: https://github.com/harrisjb/magento_api_wrapper

To summarize, if you want to use one of the Magento SOAP API simple filters, you can pass a hash with a key and value:

api = MagentoApiWrapper::Catalog.new(magento_url: "yourmagentostore.com/index.php", magento_username: "soap_api_username", magento_api_key: "userkey123")

api.product_list(simple_filters: [{key: "status", value: "processing"}, {key: created_at, value: "12/10/2013 12:00" }])

And to use a complex filter, pass a hash with key, operator, and value:

api.product_list(complex_filters: [{key: "status", operator: "eq", value: ["processing", "completed"]}, {key: created_at, operator: "from", value: "12/10/2013" }])
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If you are looking to work with Magento and Rails, Gemgento might be what you need. It replaces Magento's front end with RoR.


After you sync with Magento you can use the Gemgento::Product.filter method along with some scopes to easily search the EAV structure of Magento.

attribute = Gemgento::Attribute.find_by(code: 'color')
Gemgento::Product.filter({ attribute: attribute, value: 'red' })

The filter method can actually take all sorts of array/hash combos

filters = [
   { attribute: [attribute1, attribute2], value: %w[red yellow black] },
   { attribute: size_attribute, value: 'L' }
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Massively expensive though. –  snowangel Nov 20 '14 at 11:30

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