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I'm trying to figured out what's the best way to make a "Has One Belong to One" relation in CakePHP. Unfortunatly I didn't found anything for helping me on the internet.

I've tried to proceed like that:

Company model :

var $belongsTo = array(
    'User' => array(
        'className' => 'User',
        'foreignKey' => 'user_id',
        'conditions' => '',
        'fields' => '',
        'order' => ''

User model :

var $hasOne = array(
    'Company' => array(
        'className'    => 'Company',
        //'foreignKey' => 'user_id',
        'dependent'    => true

But still cakePHP allow me to create two companies for one user.

And here my database schema : Company : id, name, ..., user_id User : id, name, ...

Many thanks

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here is everything ok, you problem isn't here, i think somewhere in code – sukinsan Nov 8 '11 at 12:45

CakePHP can handle the following relationships only:

  • one to one
  • one to many
  • many to one
  • many to many

Read more here

If you want to do "Has One Belong to One" then use the hasOne feature in both objects.

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If each user has only one company and each company belongs to one and only one user, shouldn't they be on the same table?



Sorry if I shouldn't ask questions back here but seemed pertinent.

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In your database, company table, user_id should be set unique.

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