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I have implemented a Web - Application which features a GridPanel which can be grouped or ungrouped and where the rows should be sorted alphanumerically (like the standard grid sorting function does) but with the exception that some rows which represent summary rows should not be sorted at all and should stay at the same row position.

To archieve this i wanted to write a custom row sorting function for the gridpanel. Can someone give me a hint how to archive this ? (overwrite which functions, how to implement). Or does anybody know literature, tutorials, examples etc. or could share source code on how this can be done ?

I am using ExtJs Version 3.4.

Many thanks in advance.



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To sort the store data that underlies a gridpanel, the Ext.data.Store.sort() method is used. You can override that method in your particular store instance.

The other possibility is to set remoteSort to true and sort the data on the server.

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Hi John,thanks for your reply. My problem was, what do i have to override, because the Ext.data.Store.sort() method calls other methods to get the work done. After examing the source code i found the solution. In my case i had to override the "createSortFunction" method in the store instance. –  ExtJs Animal Nov 8 '11 at 20:28

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