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I'm interested in uploading data (images mostly) from my Android App to Amazon S3 and then storing its reference into a Amazon SimpleDB (with other data).

Do anyone have a working example that takes an image and some data (text, etc) from an app and uploads the image to S3 and stores the reference to the image and the data into a SimpleDB for later retrieval?

I've been going through the Amazon SDK for Android and looking at their examples and reading what I can find on the subject but I can't seem to find a good example that I can understand and implement.



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You can try this article that shows how to upload images to S3 using the Amazon Android SDK:

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  1. Please download Bucket Explorer and SDExplorer. Bucket Explorer is the tool for Amazon s3 and SDB Explorer is tool for Amazon SimpleDB. They can be downloaded free for 30 days.
  2. Try to upload image uisng Bucket Explorer.
  3. Try to Generate web url of multipe uploaded image on single click.
  4. Copy all URL to textpad at local file system and save file as csv.
  5. Run SDB Explorer and Import data from CSV.

For more reference -

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