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I have troubles with element. Well, I think my path should be wrong but I dont find the problem.

Here is my simple code :

<UserControl x:Class="videoplayer.Page"
Width="400" Height="300">
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="Black">
        <Image x:Name="btnPlay" Source="cat.jpg" />

I have put the file cat.jpg in the same directory that the .xap file, in the parent directory too, and again in the parent directory, but i still dont see any cat when I launch the application ! :(

Only the black grid ...

Someone see the mistake ? Thanks !

ps : it's silverlight 2 sdk

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You have to include the file in your project as a source. then in the property inspector select the image for the Source attribute.

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The image will need to have a build-action setting of Resource.

From within Visual Studio:

  • Select the file,
  • open the Properties view,
  • select Resource from the Build Action drop-down.
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