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Not sure if this is the correct site to post this question on. When I used to right click and 'Check In' a Sql Server Management Studio project, the TFS check-in form would show up on the screen. It no longer shows up on the screen for me, though SQL Studio manager is disabled as if a modal window is showing. When I hit escape the missing TFS check-in form 'disappears' as then I can continue using SQL Server Management Studio.

I've tried changing from 2 monitors to a single monitor, and changing the resolution while this issue is occuring out of the thought that perhaps the form is showing off screen somewhere, and would expect the resolution/screen change to force all windows back onto the single screen, but had no luck with this. It works fine with my Visual Studio 2010 though. Anyone have any ideas?

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I should've tried this before posting, though re-installing TFS MSSCCI provider fixed the issue.

Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 2010

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